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Suppertime - Jim Reeves

Jim Reeves - Suppertime\r
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First released in 1958 in the album GOD BE WITH YOU.
Roland John : I am not a very religious guy. However, each time listening to Jim's gospel songs draws me closer to my saviour.
May his soul rests in peace. Amen
Richard Opp : Having been born in 1942, I was definitely appreciative of him, his beautiful voice, and the songs he sang.  He had a way of reaching out and touching my heart.  Several of his songs still bring tears to these old eyes of mine, they bring back beautiful memories of being at Grandma's house.  NO ONE EVER loved me like grandma.  I miss her so.  I appreciate Jim Reeves' music because it takes me to many of my favorite childhood places and memories, like my sister and me playing at Shady Brook on Grandpa's farm.  NEVER will forget these memories that Jim Brings BACK!!
Bob Stafford : One of my favorite songs. I'm 57 now, but as a young boy about 4 or 5, my parents would sing this song in the family car during long trips. I would give almost anything to hear dad and mom sing this song together, just one more time.
Mittie Tucker : My grandmother sang this song to me and played it at her funeral. Makes me cry Everytime I hear it
Susan Prinsloo : This song really brings back a lot of memories good ones and sad ones but with Jim Reeves and his lovely voice, music and lyrics, words of wisdom I will always remember. Thank you so very much!

Bill & Gloria Gaither - Suppertime [Live] ft. George Younce

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When I was but a boy in days of childhood
I used to play till evening shadows come.
Then winding down an old familiar pathway
I heard my mother call at set of sun

Come home, come home
It's supper time
The shadows lengthen fast.
Come home, come home,
It's supper time
We're going home at last.

One day beside her bedside I was kneeling,
And angel wings were winnowing through the air.
She heard her call for supper time in heaven
And now I know she's waiting for me there.

Come home, come home

It's supper time
The shadows lengthen fast.
Come home, come home,
It's supper time,
We're going home at last.

In visions now I see her standing yonder,
And her familiar voice I hear once more.
The banquet table's ready up in heaven,
It's supper time upon that golden shore.

Come home, come home
It's supper time,
The shadows lengthen fast.
Come home, come home,
It's supper time,
We're going home at last.

We're going home at last.

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Gary Mirenda : George had one of the richest bass voices in Gospel music and his dedicated life made it even richer.
Theresa Chiorazzi : This performance is unforgettable it brings tears to my eyes So true.
Harriet Livengood : Oh how he’s missed! George Yonce had one of the most beautiful bass voices in Southern Gospel music. Heaven’s Choir just got more beautiful.
Steve Waithaka : This song really touches my heart
Macster : what a great bass George was.. he might not have been the deepest, but in my opinion he was the best.... his deep voice was clear and had the best timbre.


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Suppertime · Soundtrack / Cast Album

Little Shop Of Horrors - New Broadway Cast


Released on: 2003-10-21

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